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Keeping up with technology is important for any business, online or not. Daniel Pink once wrote a book emphasizing one point – everybody has something to sell, whether a company or an individual. Keeping up with the technological advances gives you an advantage yourself. Maybe you want to increase your personal brand, sell more shoes or build an online empire. The very least you have got to do is follow your competitors and your own industry and keep up with advances there. If many of your competitors use social media, then Twitter introducing polls, messages exceeding 140+ character or any other new feature is important. You don’t have to use it all, but understanding what kind of a difference it could make to your business and how could you use it to your advantage is essential. Recently there were new about Net Bet, an online gaming company operating several online casinos. They have just took over a smaller brand and used it to form an own platform – poker, sports betting, online casino and more. The fact is, they are one of the best companies in online gaming just because they strive to keep up with every new thing in the industry. Read any NetBet review and you’ll probably find the same things – they have apps for any major mobile platform, they constantly introduce improvements in user experience, during all 10 years of operations they have applied all the best technologies to provide 100% security of their players’ funds and Net bet fully utilize social media channels. So, we at EasyGen are proud to say that we also do everything we can to stay up-to-date whether it’s keeping in contact with our loyal customers, development of YoGen or any other of our products or anything else.